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Considering it was the first time AGROB BUCHTAL had a stand of its own at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf, this premier could not possibly have gone any better. The target group comprising shop designers and architects in particular was impressed by the company's trade fair concept. On display were not only the current new products offered by the ceramic tile specialists but also the actual stand design which demonstrated how these ranges can be implemented in practice: almost 30 square metres in size, the stand was presented as a modern boutique thereby drawing a close association to one of the contributions to the TILE AWARD 2010.

The AGROB BUCHTAL stand at the EuroShop focussed on the interior design of a boutique. The original design was penned by Philipp Herrich at Stellwerk Architekten in Dresden, whose contribution participated in the TILE AWARD.

The result was surprising as, despite the application of hard ceramic, a room evolved which was full of softness, sensuality and organic material aesthetics with the haptic qualities and properties of the materials used merging to form a harmonious whole.

This theme is implemented in an exciting manner on the wall and floor using the REFLEX range of tiles by AGROB BUCHTAL. These tiles are attributed a material, almost textural haptic and look by the finely-patterned surface. They display a layer-like structure which is attributed a patina thanks to the subtle interplay by colours, textures and varying degrees of gloss. Indirect lighting applied specifically in the intermediate areas also underlines this particular feature.

But AGROB BUCHTAL did not manage to impress visitors with its Reflex range alone: all of the other tile creations such as VISION, XENO, BOSCO, INSIDE-OUT, WALK and MAGMA, for example, also displayed the variety of possibilities available for shop design - possibilities for timeless interiors.