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Focus on facades
For several years, the commitment towards energy-efficient buildings has led to a range of problems with façades turning green on account of algae and moss. Environmentally-friendly use of natural resources makes sense but must not stand in the way of economic aspects such as maintenance and operating costs across the entire life of the building. Not to mention the use of chemicals which are detrimental to the soil.

Intelligent solutions
Each building also contributes to the individual micro-climate of its environment, whereby complex interactions are possible between the building and its respective surroundings. Within the context of sustainable building, the use of innovative materials offers entirely new and intelligent solutions for designing extremely positive effects of a building on its environment.

Sustainable efficiency
One convincing example is represented by facade ceramics featuring the revolutionary HT coating (Hydrophilic Tile). HT-coated ceramic helps to

  • actively break down air pollutants, industrial and car fumes,
  • decisively impede the growth of moss, algae, mould and other microorganisms,
  • significantly reduce and facilitate the cleaning effort associated with the façade surface.

And all of this simply through the effects of light!

1.000 m² of façade ceramics featuring HT clean the air as effectively as a small deciduous wood.