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We spend 90% of our life indoors (source: Sentinel Haus Institut 2014) which is why it is so important to be able to rely on a healthy living environment.

We are all required to handle our natural resources more sustainably now and in the future. Which is why when we build new buildings or renovate older ones, our focus is usually on effective exterior insulation which saves energy. Insulated façades and perfectly sealing windows and doors – featuring triple glazing – are now a reality.

But increasingly dense building shells also ensure that odours and pollutants are no longer able to simply dissipate outwards. They collate in the rooms in which we live. And often they have a negative impact on indoor air.

Immer dichtere Gebäudehüllen sorgen aber dafür, dass Gerüche und Schadstoffe nicht mehr wie früher einfach nach Außen abziehen können. Sie sammeln sich in den Räumen, in denen wir täglich leben. Nicht selten geht das zu Lasten der Innenraumluft.

HT ceramic tiles – the solution for healthy living environments
Careful selection of materials used in indoor areas is therefore of increasing importance. HT-coated tiles (Hydrophilic Tiles) can make a significant contribution towards healthy living environments as they help to,

  • impede the growth of mould, bacteria and other microorganisms,
  • further facilitate cleaning of surfaces,
  • break down pollutants in the air and odours in indoor areas.

And all of this simply through the effects of light!


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