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HT: Principle

HT is a durable tile coating which ensures improved air quality. Apart from easily removing dirt, tiles featuring HT can also prevent unpleasant odours and hazardous pollutants. Such substances are caused by cigarette smoke, ammonia, spray residue, formaldehyde from textiles etc. In combination with light and humidity, HT coatings transform hazardous molecules into harmless carbon dioxide and water, for example. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is burned in at high temperature as a catalyst causing a reaction between light, oxygen and humidity. The effects do not dissipate but are rather reactivated repeatedly by light.

HT – environmentally-friendly & cost-saving

Environmental protection is one of the most pressing tasks of our time and one to which we are greatly committed. That is why we coat our ceramic tiles with HT which offers three special economical and ecological advantages with a long-term guarantee:
  • Extremely easy to clean with a long-term guarantee (ISO 10678): instead of pearling off in drops, the water forms a fine film which infiltrates the dirt.
  • Depleting air pollutants indoors and outdoors: 1,000 m² of façade ceramics featuring HT coating clean the air of industrial and exhaust fumes in a similar way to a forest of deciduous trees.
  • Antibacterial effect without chemicals (ISO 27447): micro organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae or moss are destroyed preventing renewed growth.

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Water droplets rest on the HT-coated tile and combine to form a homogeneous water film which runs off evenly thereby rinsing all of the dirt particles off the tile.



HT: Application

Private bathrooms Representative spaces / Catering Swimming pools and spas
Sanitary facilities Medical areas Façades