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Building the future, every day

The requirements on building are constantly on the rise. Building owners, planners and users make new demands which also have an increased effect on future developments. Energy efficiency, conservation of resources and climate change are the buzzwords here which have a decisive influence.

AGROB BUCHTAL is very much aware of its responsibility in terms of green building, not least by providing moral support in the form of membership of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Within the framework of an Environmental Product Declaration in accordance with ISO 14025, we decided at an early stage to make all of the key ecological product data transparent which concerns the planning process associated with sustainable building.

Whether a building is convincing in terms of sustainability can be measured using certification systems for which specific product information must be available and documented.

Green building in practice

systems for sustainability have asserted themselves in particular: DGNB, LEED and BREEAM. In collaboration with experts, we develop measures for everyday building certification practices such as specific information for the "auditors" of these most important systems.

Those responsible for planning receive the requisite documentation within the framework of building certification, whereby they receive support in the form of all of the relevant information for selecting and using the appropriate materials for developing sustainable building. If we can support your project in this regard, please e-mail us at:

Nachhaltiges Bauen mit Fliesen von AGROB BUCHTAL 
Finchley Memorial Hospital, London, Murphey Philipps Architects, Great Britain (BREEAM-certified) Sonnenhof Nursing Home, Wil, Meier Hug Architekten, Switzerland (Minergie-certified)

Planners and specialist partners entrusted with implementing the project therefore avail of all of the key ecological, economical, technical, social and practical information for realising innovative buildings.

This significantly facilitates the practical aspects of building certification – something which we also regard as making a key contribution towards developing the concept of sustainable building.

Protecting the environment – for decades

As a leading ceramics specialist, AGROB BUCHTAL stands for short, CO2-saving transport routes to warehouses as well as dust and flue gas cleaning plants. Recycling is another top priority: process water and broken pieces are recycled up to 100% and energy consumption has increased considerably thanks to the use of heat exchangers. As purely natural products, all tile series can be recycled even after many years of use. One particular highlight – made in Germany – is represented by the innovative HT coating which ensures optimum cleaning as well as a pleasant room climate.