Geometry and nature in dialoguePrint pageSend page

Anette Büsing
Neuss am Rhein, Germany

solonero, creative services
Wacholderweg 4
41468 Neuss am Rhein

Seeing with your hands and feeling with your eyes: six elements conduct a dialogue. The leather exaggerates the tile’s metallic colour nuance, excitement is provided by the light and shadow falling through the louvered wooden roof. We experience the feeling of safety on the wet floor with the quality of the material in full view. The atmospheric power of the green colour imparts a living tranquillity and we discover the texture of the surface in a relaxed mood. With its Emotion series, AGROB BUCHTAL bridges the gap between a functionally and an emotionally characterised tile collection. The harmonised colour combination allows us designers to combine both worlds directly – here illustrated as the aesthetic material design of an abstract room environment in the wellness sector.

Material collage: 1. Linen structure • 2. Emotion bronze R10/A • 3. Wooden slats • 4. Green wall • 5. Emotion bronze R9 • 6. Emotion deep anthracite R10/B • 7. Grained leather

The perfect combination of aesthetics and function guarantees relaxed wellness enjoyment: Emotion bronze (R9, R10/A) form a harmony with green foliage, wood and leather. Mosaic tiles in the R10/B slip resistant quality deep anthracite ensure increased safety in the shower area.