Emotion as a functional elementPrint pageSend page

Sylvia Leydecker
Cologne, Germany

100% interior
Stammheimer Str. 113
50735 Köln

Clean, pure, organic – those are the key elements, upon which the design focuses: nuances of grey and pure white in combination with the clear layout of the ceramics. Diffuse, shadowy typography, which breaks up the visual appearance of the wall. Three dimensional lettering subtly highlighted – white on white. Excitingly contrasted with emotional elements such as bleached wood, cuddly knitted and farmhouse lamps, this creates a relaxing experience. The organic elements reinforce the aspiration to healthy eating and living – away from the usual canteen atmosphere and its typical food with its fast food image. Here, there is no emotional overkill, no telephone terror: people feel comfortable eating; they eat healthily and are relaxed. Thus Emotion also becomes part of the function in the refectory or canteen – entirely to Sullivan’s taste.

Material collage: 1. Plastic laminate sheeting with knit imprint · 2. Emotion medium grey R10/A · 3. Emotion medium grey Softcorn 2 R11/B · 4. Fresh: savoy cabbage 5. Industrial lamp with patina· 6. Bleached wood · 7. Emotion GRIP medium grey Carostic R12V4 · 8. Typographical element

Safety in the workplace and a pleasant atmosphere for guests complement each other in a graduated transition: within the immediate working area of the chef (top), Emotion GRIP R12V4 with displacement area for grease offers reliable protection from slipping accidents. From here, Emotion medium grey R11/B leads on to the large format Emotion tiles of the R10/A slip resistant quality (left).