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Iris Andernach
Darmstadt, Germany

andernach und partner
Donnersbergring 20
64295 Darmstadt

The Emotion tile series forms the initial concept for the design of the “fish counter” sales environment. Inspired by traditional markets, the design comes to life by its reduction to the essential elements: sales stand and merchandise. It combines the industrial appearance of the grey tempered tiles and the large volume fittings with classical market elements and thus creates a sales environment lying between fish market and modern supermarket aesthetics. The special demands on slip resistant properties and easy cleaning of the floor and wall materials are integrated into the design concept. A strip in the R10/A slip resistant quality forms the necessary transition between different slip resistant tile qualities in front of and behind the counter. This strip is continued on the wall as a niche, returns to the merchandise display and continues along the ceiling as a backlit panel. In this way, it becomes a space forming element which defines the boundary between the public and private areas and emphasises the position of the sales counter as the interface between seller, customer and merchandise.

Material collage: 1. Emotion GRIP Perlcorn 2 medium grey R11V4 2. Fish scales 3. Wood structure 4. Wall tile: Emotion medium grey 5. Emotion deep anthracite R10/A 6. Old industrial scales 7. Emotion medium grey R9 · 8. Stainless steel

Tiles in three slip resistant qualities combine maximum working safety and inviting ambience into an integrated concept. While Emotion GRIP Perlcorn 2 R11V4 prevents slipping accidents behind the counter (top), Emotion medium grey R9 characterises the area in front of it (left). The strip of Emotion deep anthracite R10/A provides the necessary transition and structures the room at the same time.