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Renewed success with all candidates

Design competitions are valuable orientation aids helping us to discover outstanding solutions within the wide range of products offered on the market. This applies in particular to extremely versatile products such as ceramic tiles, which are available in countless versions. Against this background, AGROB BUCHTAL had already successfully participated in the red dot design award competition: in 2008, the series BOSCO was among the winners, and in 2009, even two series (REFLEX and VISION) were awarded this coveted prize.
This triumphant success has now been impressively continued by a positive sensation: the company for the first time participated in the category Public/Interior Design in the iF design award 2010, which also belongs to the “premier league“ and enjoys a high reputation. The candidates were the four new series CONNECT, MAGMA, ROVERE and WALK. The surprising result: all the four novelties won this highly esteemed prize - a renewed proof for the fact that tile design made in Germany is absolutely in vogue.



CONNECT offers, among other things, two visually and haptically interesting decorations: SLOPE (large picture) is based on an attractive interplay of dynamism and calm, TWIG (small picture) is an abstract ceramic realization of filigree branch structures.


MAGMA interprets in a distinguished manner the natural basalt look of cooled-down volcanic rock. The flowing fine-grained stripes with subtle structures are reminiscent of moved sand layers and create a noble atmosphere full of modern elegance.


ROVERE combines functional slip resistance and an aesthetic look: the nuanced design arouses associations of wood or plant fibres and creates an atmosphere of agreeable balance - ideal e.g. for wellness zones, pool surrounds and many other areas of application.


WALK is impressive because of the textile-organic look of delicate thread structures in the style of manual weaving techniques. In conjunction with the four urbane-style colours, unusual coverings can be created - discreet and unobtrusive, but with that certain something.

Facts about the iF product design award


The 21 committed jury members in action: the team was composed of international design experts from Japan, France, Ireland and several other countries.

The competition ranks among the most renowned ones of this kind and has firmly established itself: the iF product design award has been a world-wide acknowledged trademark already for 56 years. The high internationality is also reflected by the submissions and the members of the jury. This year, approximately 2,500 products from 39 countries participated in 16 categories. The assessment and the awarding of the prizes were carried out by an expert team of 21 members e.g. from Japan, France, Ireland and several other countries. The relevant criteria included design quality, processing, choice of material, degree of innovation, ecological compatibility, functionality, ergonomics, usability visualization, brand value/branding, safety as well as the aspects of universal design. The award-winning products are presented twice: on the one hand, online at www.ifdesign.de, and on the other hand, in the scope of the “iF exhibition“ (Hanover fair grounds). The special exhibition can be visited from March to August 2010 and, according to experience, will attract almost 300,000 visitors during these six months.