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Another award for AGROB BUCHTAL
Two new decorative elements in the XENO range garner the if product design award 2011

For more than fifty years, the iF product design award has been a trademark of particularly successful design. An international jury of experts is responsible for allocating the award and paving the way for these "award-winning" products en route to the customer. After all, apart from international recognition, the award also provides consumers with a valuable orientation aid in the search for outstanding product solutions within an extensive range of offers available on the market. This is particularly applicable for the comprehensive variety of ceramic tiles available from numerous suppliers and in practically infinite designs.

Against this backdrop, AGROB BUCHTAL has successfully participated in challenging design contests over the past few years, during which time it has been the proud recipient of 25 awards.

Germany's leading manufacturer of tiles is now impressively continuing this triumph by kicking off the year with yet another positive message: in the form of the iF product design award 2011 for the Polygon and Prisma decors in the XENO range, AGROB BUCHTAL is delighted to have been awarded two more significant design prizes.

Since market launch in 2007, the XENO range has undergone extremely successful development. The main areas of application to date have included foyers, administrative buildings, schools, hotels, restaurants, shop design and similarly representative areas as well as up-market apartment buildings. And the range of attractive decors extended in 2011 increases the range of applications for these high-quality design tiles.

Dekor POLYGON (Serie XENO)
POLYGON decor (XENO range):
This porcelain mosaic comprises multiple irregular corners for creative laying patterns. Enabling design areas to halt anywhere in the room or display conscious borders. With the result that tiles become a distinctive element of the room architecture.
Dekor PRISMA (Serie XENO)
PRISMA decor (XENO range):
PRISMA (available in 10 x 60 and 15 x 90 cm format) generates an abstract link to the linear veining of floor tiles in the XENO range. Inter-crossing lines give rise to rectangular and triangular shapes which generate a refined vividness. The stainless steel version also shines in the true sense of the word with reflections and shading varying according to the way the light falls.

Facts on the iF product design award

This competition is one of the most prestigious events of its kind and has meanwhile established a firm foothold: the iF product design award has been an internationally recognised trademark for the past 57 years. The high level of quality is also reflected in the jury and entries submitted: around 2,750 products from 43 countries were recorded this time round with a top-notch body of international experts responsible for assessment and the allocation of prizes. The relevant criteria included design quality, processing, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental compatibility, function, ergonomics, visualisation of use, brand value, branding, safety and aspects relating to universal design.