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AGROB BUCHTAL wins awards for universal design

universal design award Serie HOME 2011

HOME range convinces jury of experts and end consumers alike
"Universal design" is a term which is increasingly gaining in importance. Put simply, it is used to describe products, architectural concepts and services which are not aligned towards certain age groups, phases of life or cultural groups while still offering a high degree of individuality, comfort and advantages. In short: solutions which are truly universal and capable of being used by a large number of people without necessitating any major adjustments. These are exactly the premises forming the basis of development of the HOME range of ceramic tiles with which AGROB BUCHTAL competed for the universal design award for the very first time – and won.

HOME: Harmoniously comprehensive room concepts
The specific requirements were implemented by deriving inspiration from an exemplary specimen of nature, i.e. agate. Typical features include a fine-layered structure and a wide spectrum of colours. The same characteristics which distinguish the HOME range: the five wall tile colours (blue-black, greige, natural grey, natural white, rust) are distinguished by delicate progressions and soft transitions in several nuances which merge to form a harmonious whole. Each colour can be combined with any other making it possible to achieve tone-in-tone compositions or charming contrasts. Nor are the matte surfaces of glazes a mere coincidence – in fact, they even prevent irritating reflections. Additional design possibilities are revealed by the LEAVES and CLIP décors.
This conceptual thread is also continued throughout the floor tile range which complies with the requirements of categories R9 and R10/B in terms of its anti-slip properties. The four colours (blue-black, dark grey, natural grey and rust) correspond with the shades prevailing in the wall tiles as well as the modular format range. Ranging from a majestic 120 x 60 cm format through 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 cm to filigree 2.3 x 2.3 cm mosaics available in two versions, the smooth version is predestined for generating exciting rhythmic patterns or for tiling ledges, niches, columns or gently curved seating areas dispensing with unattractive folding seats in the shower, for example. The anti-slip variant is ideal for ceramic shower trays flush with the floor. Supplemented by the special moulded parts of the PLURAL PLUS system, they represent equally safe and elegant solutions. HOME therefore offers everyday comfort in the form of function and design.

HOME offers comfort through function and design. The conceptual thread gave rise to charming combinations of large and smaller formats.
Ledges, borders, benches, showers etc. can be elegantly and safely realised full of contrasts (motifs 1 and 2) or tone-in-tone (motif 3).
The range drew its inspiration from a natural model – agate: delicate progressions and nuanced transitions merge to form a harmonious whole.
Haptic and optical highlights are achieved by the LEAVES decorative tile (motif 5) or CLIP mosaics (motif 6).

Some interesting facts on the universal design award / consumer favourite 2011
This competition has been staged for the 4th time by "universal design Germany". The aim of this institution is to sensitise the public, political environment and companies as regards universal design. An elementary instrument in this process is represented by the award of the same name which is presented in various categories such as Living, Working, Mobility, Public Areas or Communication, for example. A total of 114 submissions entered from 14 countries could be recorded this year. One particular feature is the fact that there is a jury of experts and a jury of consumers which designate the recipients of the universal design award and universal design consumer favourite entirely independently. The HOME range by AGROB BUCHTAL convinced both juries enabling it to garner both awards in the Living category.

Members of the expert jury:

  • Prof. Wolfgang Sattler, Professor of Product Design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and Director of the Bauhaus TransferzentrumDesign in Weimar
  • Anette Ponholzer, Self-employed industrial designer, co-founder with Prof. Fritz Frenkler of f/p design deutschland gmbh and f/p design japan inc.
  • Achim Nagel, Architect, founder of "PRIMUS developments" project development company in Hamburg and co-founder of "TWO product development and integrated design" in Hamburg/Ratingen

The consumer jury comprised representatives of the following organisations:

  • AAL-Netzwerk GENIAAL (Generationengerechte Assistenzsysteme im Alltag) i. Gr.
  • Ratsgymnasium Stadthagen
  • Katholische Pfarrgemeinde St. Joseph, Stadthagen
  • ver.di-Senioren/innen (Wunstorf, Neustadt, Nienburg, Stolzenau).

Further details: www.ud-germany.de

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